Cascade Mountain Tech Stadium Seat Chair Review

Cascade Mountain Tech Stadium Seat Chair Review
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In order to show our undying support for our favorite sports team, many of us are willing to spend a lot of cash, time, and effort to watch their games. Regardless if it is a professional team playing in the major leagues or your child’s first ever tournament, we understand the urge you feel to sit through every game and cheer for their success.

However, sitting long hours on the bleachers can also take its toll on our lower backs and bums. Luckily for us, manufacturers from around the globe heard our cries and gave us portable stadium seats. These are seats that are easy to carry around and that are specially designed to act as a cushion to shield us from the cold and hard bleacher seats.

When it comes to products like these, one of the most trusted brands that are renowned throughout the globe is the Cascade Mountain Tech. This company is a dedicated manufacturer of products used for camping, hiking, running, and other outdoor activities. They take great pride in giving their buyers the best value for their hard-earned money.

That being said, this post will introduce to you one of their most loved products—the Cascade Mountain Tech, LLC. New Wide Stadium Seat. This simple yet reliable stadium chair offers a long list of features and functionalities that one would expect from a high-quality portable seat.

Features of the Cascade Mountain Tech Stadium Seat Chair

  • Made with a sturdy canvas that is water-resistant
  • Has a heavy-duty steel frame that folds down flat
  • Designed with padded seat combined with bungee reinforcements
  • Equipped with a metal hook to attach the seat to bleachers
  • Has a wide seating space that measures 20 inches
  • Also available in regular seat size, which has a width of 17 inches
  • Can carry a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds
  • Weighs 8.5 pounds (regular) or 9 pounds (wide seat)
  • Has a cushioned handle
  • Equipped with rubber bottoms to keep the seat in place


  • Canvas backrest can easily be removed and customized
  • Provides an excellent and comfortable back support
  • Comes in two sizes to choose from
  • Very easy and convenient to carry because of cushioned handle
  • Can be attached to bleachers for added safety and stability
  • Comes in eight different color options
  • Does not require assembly and can be used straight from the box
  • Does not have a bar underneath the seat


  • Does not have armrests
  • Does not have any storage space or pockets
  • Does not recline
  • Can be quite heavy for some
  • Can only support weights of up to 250 pounds

Summary of the Features

Those who are all too familiar with watching sporting games in the flesh know the discomfort sitting on the bleachers for extended periods can bring. The fact is, a few hours into the game, you start to feel your backside and bum hurting. This is the reason why portable seats such as the Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech came about.

If you plan on watching every game for the entire season, then you might want to consider investing in a portable chair now. With Cascade Mountain Tech’s Stadium Seat, you can guarantee that you are getting the best bang for your back.

This portable stadium chair boasts a heavy-duty steel frame and a robust, high-quality canvas that is water-resistant. The seat is padded and also has bungee reinforcements underneath for added comfortability. The Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech has two width options where the regular-sized measures 17 inches wide, while the other has a wider seat that measures 20 inches.

In order to secure the seat in place, it is equipped with a metal hook that you attach to the bleachers. It also has rubber bottoms on both sides of the frame to keep the seat in place. For easy storage and carrying around, this seat folds down flat. It is also designed with a cushioned carry handle.

The regular option weighs approximately 8.5 pounds, while the one with the wider seat weighs around nine pounds. With its intelligently designed structure and heavy-duty canvas, this seat can support a man weighing up to 250 pounds.

The Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech comes in eight different color options to allow you to show your love and admiration for your favorite team. You can choose from black, green, maroon, navy, orange, purple, red, and royal blue.

Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech vs. Other Similar Products

Through a quick search online, we have found products that have the same look and set of features like the Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech. In this section, allow us to introduce to you the GCI Outdoor Bleacher Seat and its many features.


For those who are looking for an ergonomically designed seat that you can take anywhere with you, check out the GCI Outdoor Bleacher Seat. It comes in a straightforward and easy-to-use design. This product is equipped with armrests for added support and comfort.


The GCI Outdoor Bleacher Seat is made of an aluminum frame that is very lightweight. Overall, this seat weighs no more than 4.2 pounds. However, it boasts a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds. The seat and backrest are made from a breathable nylon mesh and polyester fabric that allow for added ventilation.

Other Features

It has overall dimensions of 23.6 by 22.8 by 16 inches, which is the maximum space that is allotted in a stadium seat. This chair is also equipped with an L-shaped metal hook at the bottom that is used to attach the seat to any type of bleacher or bench. It comes in five different color options including royal blue, black, maroon, navy blue, and red.

The Verdict

While both products can be considered great finds, we are more inclined to invest our money in a Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech. This brand is well-known all over the globe as among the market leaders when it comes to outdoor products. This gives us a guarantee that the Stadium Seat will live up to our expectations.

Unlike the GCI Outdoor Bleacher Seat, the Cascade Mountain Tech, LLC. New Wide Stadium Seat has a padded seat to provide maximum comfort. It also boasts very strong bungee reinforcements underneath for added coziness. We can also choose from a regular- or wide-size option to accommodate our personal preferences and needs.

Another feature that makes the Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech stand out from other similar products is the fact that the backrest canvas can be removed and customized. This feature allows us to embroider or print screen our favorite team’s logo or our names on the back.

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