Extra-Wide Stadium Seat by Home-Complete Review

Extra-Wide Stadium Seat by Home-Complete Review
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Regardless of what we are doing, it is next to impossible to enjoy the experience if we are feeling even a slight discomfort. This is especially evident when we are watching a sporting event in the flesh. Most of these games last a couple of hours, which can result in a very sore backside if we do not invest in a good portable chair.

Over the years, we have been provided with a variety of products that can make our everyday lives easier and more enjoyable. The advancement of various everyday items is living proof of the development of humankind and our way of living. These inventions are a result of our undying need to feel comfortable and happy.

When it comes to portable seats, one of the leading companies that manufacture some of the best products on the market today is the Home-Complete. This brand prides itself on manufacturing everyday items that are specially designed to improve the way we live. Their vast selection of products includes anything from kitchen utensils to storage racks and closet organizers.

Through this post, we will present to you one of Home-Complete’s most loved products today—the Extra-Wide Stadium Seat by Home-Complete designed for bleachers and benches. Below are its features and functionalities that are guaranteed to give you the most bang for your buck.

Features of the Extra-Wide Stadium Seat by Home-Complete

  • Designed to recline for up to six different positions
  • Made of durable and water-resistant materials
  • Measures 17 by 15 by 15 inches, with three-inch-high armrests
  • Equipped with an anti-skid bottom
  • Has an extra-padded back cushion for maximum comfort
  • Designed with a pair of easy-to-carry straps
  • Weighs approximately 11.4 pounds


  • Perfectly fits any type of bleacher or bench
  • A great chair for both indoor and outdoor setting
  • Armrests can either be folded up or laid down flat
  • Requires no assembly
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Suitable for both young and old users
  • Cushioned seat and backrest keeps you comfortable for more extended periods
  • Larger seating space compared to other models
  • Provides a 24-inch seating space when armrests are folded down


  • Does not have any storage pockets
  • No metal hook or elastic band to attach the chair to the bleachers
  • Can be quite bulky and heavy for some
  • Only comes in one color

Summary of the Features

Those looking to find a portable chair can be a little overwhelmed with a seemingly never-ending list of hits that a quick search online provided them. Luckily, you have come across this review as this will put an end to your hunt for a trusted portable chair.

The Extra-Wide Stadium Seat by Home-Complete boasts a set of features that one looks for in a portable chair. It has a very sturdy, heavy-duty frame that has a weight capacity of more than 350 pounds. The padded seats, backrest, and armrests have a water-resistant cover, allowing you to use this seat in a variety of situations, such as during picnics at the park, trips to the beach, and outdoor sporting events.

This portable chair is designed to recline for up to six different positions, allowing you to choose the angle that is most comfy for your back. The padded armrests can also be laid down flat to provide you with more seating space. With the armrests folded, you get to enjoy 24 inches of seating space all to yourself.

This seat is also intelligently designed to fit any type of bleacher or bench. It has an anti-skid feature on the bottom that keeps the chair from slipping and eliminates the need for a hook or elastic band. It is also equipped with a pair of shoulder straps to allow you to carry it around with ease. This seat weighs 11.4 pounds.

What makes it a really wise investment for any outdoor enthusiast is that it requires no assembly. This means that this chair can be used straight out from the box. It can also be an excellent gift for friends and family members of any age and gender.

Extra-Wide Stadium Seat by Home-Complete vs. Other Similar Products

Quite similar in design and features to the Extra-Wide Stadium Seat by Home-Complete are the Songmics Portable Seat Chair and Naomi Home Venice Portable Reclining Seat with Armrest. In this section, we will compare each product with one another.

The Songmics Portable Seat Chair also boasts six different reclining positions, providing the user the option to choose the best angle that is the most comfortable for him. The armrests can also either be folded up or down to allow for wider seating space. When the armrests are down, it offers a total seat size of 21.25 inches.

This portable chair, like many others, has a very convenient design. It can easily be laid out flat for hassle-free storage or carrying around. It has a pair of adjustable shoulder straps that allow the user to carry the chair like he would a backpack. This seat also has a zippered pocket to store valuables safely.

The Songmics Portable Seat Chair is very lightweight at 8.8 pounds. With armrests up, it has overall dimensions of 15.75 by 15 by 17.75 inches. However, it only comes in one color, which is a neutral black.

If you prefer a portable seat that is very lightweight at only 6.5 pounds, you might want to check out Naomi Home Venice Portable Reclining Seat with Armrest. Similar to the two products mentioned above, this chair also reclines to up to six different positions. It is designed with integrated armrests that adds to its comfortability.

The frame is made of very sturdy steel. Attached to it is a padded cushion that is covered with a heavy-duty, water-resistant polyester material. It also has adjustable, backpack-style shoulder straps for easy transport. When folded down flat, this chair measures 32.5 by 20 by 2.5 inches.

It also has a bigger version, which features an extra two inches of seating space. The Naomi Home Venice Portable Reclining Seat with Armrest comes in a variety of color options including black, purple, royal blue, and red.

The Verdict

After careful comparison of all the features that each of the products offers, we have concluded that the best portable chair among the three is the Extra-Wide Stadium Seat by Home-Complete. It provides the highest level of coziness for its extra-large seating space that can reach up to 24 inches.

The backrest also boasts added cushioning to add more support and comfort. This product requires no assembly, providing you with an on-the-go seating option in seconds. It is compatible with any type of bleacher or bench, whether metal or wooden.

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