How Much Stadium Seats Cost: The Answer Might Surprise You

How Much Stadium Seats Cost The Answer Might Surprise You
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How much stadium seats cost? You might say that they do cost a bunch but, definitely, it will not cost as much as a mansion, right? No. You are wrong. We are warning you early on in this article that getting either professional or non-professional stadium seats will cost you a fortune.

Nowadays, most people who own activity centers or stadiums tend to just hire certain companies to provide these stadium seats for a particular event. Why is that? It is to cut costs. It is costly enough to build these seats, but more so in maintaining them. Therefore, owners of event places usually just hire stadium seat providers as they already have the knowledge of the proper arrangement. At the same time, the cleanup process is also up to them.

How about for those who use portable stadium seat chairs? We are also going to cover those costs in this article. Additionally, we are also going to list down some information on how to save on these costs. Read on to further understand why these seats are very expensive.

Why Are Stadium Seats Expensive?

You might look at your school bleachers and scoff at the fact that they probably cost as much as a hundred students’ tuition fees. You might just see a basic straight wooden panel but, actually, there is more to that. Here are the factors that contribute to the costs:

  • Material used
  • Support
  • Customization of the seat
  • Construction value
  • Safeguards
  • Other costs

Material Used

A stadium seat is an umbrella term for those seats used in theaters, stadiums, open field, opera houses, and other places. Therefore, they come in different shapes and sizes. The materials that the builders or manufacturers use are always based on the type of function that is going to be held in the venue.

The most common materials are wood, plastic, metal, and cushion. You might think that cushioned seats are more expensive than wooden planks, but that is actually wrong. Seats that are made of wood actually cost more; the type of wood that should be used is of high and sturdy quality that can withstand pressure. Not to mention the fact that the wood should also be treated, sanded down, etc.

For plastic and metal, they are of course molded or come pre-fabricated, but there are also additional costs in the installation of various hinges and screws. And yes, we are still talking about just the seats.


This is about the metal beams, stone, or cement that holds all of the seats. Whether they are permanent or not, one should really pay attention to this support because it is what holds the top seats to the ground. If you skimp on spending on this, you risk having a major accident.

Customization of the Seat

This particularly applies to the stadium seats of theaters and concert halls, among others. This is because those separate seats can be reclined, have side pockets, or have armrests. The accessories that you add will most definitely add to the cost.

Construction Value

If you are part of a team that is building a stadium, definitely, the core of the build is the seats. It is a huge project to undertake that requires a lot of machinery and people. Therefore, you have to pay all those suppliers and all those equipment.


Besides the seating, you also have to put up safeguards on some stadium seats. This includes railings, patterns for the stairs and barricades to name a few.

Other Factors

These are the expenses for maintenance, repair, and even replacement of certain seats. This includes the labor and the assessment fees.

How Much Stadium Seats Cost: Portable Chairs

Now, this is a safe place to be as it is not really bombarded with too much expense. However, good quality portable stadium seat chairs can also be a burden to your pockets. The estimated range is $15-$80.

The ones that you can get for $15 are just the basic chairs where there is something in between the stadium seat and your bottoms. Minimal comfort is the name of the game here.

On the other hand, the chairs that are in the $20-$50 range are already pretty good ones that provide support to your bottom and back. Most of them are also easy to set up and to carry. Others even have pockets to them where you can store food or other things.


In a nutshell, the cost of having stadium seats is really high that it can amount to six figures. However, when presented with the question, “How much stadium seats cost?” You do not only think about the seats themselves, but you put a price on the safety that you can offer your patrons. You have to make sure that nobody gets hurt or nobody falls from those seats as you have exercised all the possible precautions.

Just like what they say, you really cannot put a price on someone’s life. In the case of stadium seats, they literally carry the many lives of the people in a certain place.

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