How to Clean Stadium Seats: What You Need to Know

How to Clean Stadium Seats What You Need to Know
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Let’s admit it. Stadium seats are one of the filthiest places that you can ever sit on. A lot of people sit on them, and heaven knows what type of virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms are living in that seat. Imagine those toxins entering your pores as you watch your favorite baseball game. Scary! So, the big question here is, how to clean stadium seats?

This question is not only about cleaning, but it is also about the responsibility of the owner of the venue or at least the stadium seats to keep their patrons away from harmful substances that can be transferred from seat to seat.

In this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks on how to clean different stadium seats. Read on for simple, yet effective solutions.

The Equipment to be Used

Cleaning stadium seats is only a minor part of the entire pack-up or cleaning process after a major event. Therefore, it is expected that the equipment that should be used is heavy duty and can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. You would not want to manually wipe every surface of a thousand seats, right?

  • Scrubber machine
  • Sweeper machine
  • Vacuums
  • Sprayer machines

At the same time, you have to consider the type of surface of the seats and the surface that they are connected to. The most common types are stone, carpet, metal, plastic, and wood. Be sure to use equipment that is compatible with these surfaces.

Cleaning Solution for Cushioned Seats

This is your best bet for removing stains and even mildew on those theater seats:

  • You can combine a liquid detergent with lukewarm water. Then, you just have to wet the surface with the solution and scrub away.
  • For removing tough stains and mildew, you can add a bit of bleach. Just make sure that the bleach that you are using is safe for colored cushions.

Cleaning Solution for Wooden Seats

For this category, it can be tricky as wood might deteriorate if you apply something on it that will destroy its naturally self-healing compounds. Further, you have to keep in mind to preserve the surface layer of the wood.

  • Clean it by wiping a soft cloth soaked in water and mild detergent. Always bear in mind that the ratio of water should always be bigger than the soap used.
  • To maintain the finish of the wood, slather some oil on it once in a while. Some use regular baby oil, while others use vegetable oil.

Cleaning Solution for Plastic Seats

Cleaning plastic stadium seats can be tricky as the material used is very reactive to certain cleaning agents. The presence of resin in plastic also does not help with the strength of the chair since it deteriorates through time. Add the fact that you use chemicals to clean. The end result is a brittle seat.

  • For white seats, you can soak them in bleach. Let it sit, then wipe it off.
  • For a natural approach, you can use white distilled vinegar combined with baking soda.
  • For colored seats, you can remove stains by using the vinegar and baking soda solution. You can then scrub away the residue with soapy water.

Cleaning Solution for Metal Seats

It is hard to clean metal seats as they tend to rust. How will you deep clean and disinfect them without the use of liquid? Do not forget that the varnish also reacts with certain chemicals as with the synthetic coatings of the seat. Unfortunately, the use of liquids is inevitable, so you just have to be cautious when it comes to your cleaning technique.

Meaning, do not scrub hard or else you will scrape off the chemicals in the seat itself. Also, do not wipe in various directions or, worse, use circular wiping motions.

  • For regular cleaning, just use soapy water with a cloth that has thicker threads to it.
  • You can also use a sponge for better absorption of water.
  • For the soap, do not use detergent or dishwasher soap.
  • For proper maintenance, sand down a bit of the seat and re-apply the varnish or paint.

How to Clean Stadium Seats: A Huge Ordeal

As you have read, there are different ways and cleaning solutions used to do regular maintenance of stadium seats. So, it is expected that when the cleanup crew comes along, they already have containers after containers of the solutions that we have mentioned.

Do keep in mind to prioritize the upkeep of these seats as these are where the people stay for a long time. Gross seats will never be an option. You would not want your viewers getting diseases from sitting in your venue, yes? It is not only about the pristine look of the seats nor the smell, but it is more of the health aspect.

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