Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat from Oniva Review

Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat from Oniva Review
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Each of us has our own way of de-stressing. There are people who are more than pleased with lounging around the house binge-watching their favorite TV shows, while there are also some who enjoy taking on outdoor adventures. Whatever your preference is, there is a vast selection of products available on the market that can make your day even more relaxing and satisfying.

When it comes to portable outdoor gears, one of the most trusted brands today is the OnivaTM. This company is part of the world-renowned Picnic Time Family of Brands along with Legacy and Toscana. Together, they offer some of the most functional, innovative, and fashionable products that promote recreation and an active lifestyle.

This family of brands has everything from picnic baskets and lunch boxes to gardener tools, totes, and coolers. In this post, allow us to introduce to you an essential product that will make your outdoor trips more comfortable—a stadium seat.

Stadium seats are portable seats that are used to provide cushioning and keep you comfortable during any sporting event, outdoor concert, picnic at the park, or a trip to the beach. This type of seat does not come with legs like most chairs, and are foldable for easy storage and carrying around.

If you are looking for a stadium seat that would provide you with awesome functionalities without breaking the bank, then consider going for Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat from OnivaTM. This portable seat is definitely a good find for everyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Features of the Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat from Oniva

  • Original reclining stadium seat design
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Water-resistant reinforced underside
  • Polyester-covered cushion
  • With adjustable shoulder straps for easy transport
  • With a zippered pocket on the back
  • Measures 32 by 20 by 2 inches when it is folded
  • Weighs around four to five pounds
  • Equipped with armrests for total comfort


  • Folds flat for effortless storage and portability
  • Made from durable yet lightweight materials
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Option to fold the armrests for added seating space
  • Comes in many colors and design patterns
  • Can be reclined to up to six different positions


  • Does not come with clamps to attach seat to bleachers
  • Quite large when laid flat, making it a hassle to carry around
  • Some may find it a little difficult to use

Summary of the Features

If you are a fan of the outdoors, the Ventura Stadium Seat by OnivaTM would be a good choice for investment. This portable seat is a product of Picnic Time Family of Brands, providing the assurance that it is of high quality yet still reasonably priced.

The Ventura Stadium Seat boasts a very sturdy steel frame, padded cushions, and a cover that is made of polyester. It has a water-resistant, reinforced underside that allows you to use it both in an outdoor or indoor setting. It also has a zippered pocket on the back that can hold your valuables including your wallet, keys, and mobile phone.

In order to provide maximum comfort for extended periods, the Ventura Stadium Seat can be reclined to six different positions. It is also equipped with armrests that you can choose to fold to provide you with more seating space. Once folded, it can easily be transported from one place to another. Its adjustable shoulder straps make it possible for you to carry it like you would a backpack.

All in all, this portable seat has a total weight of not more than five pounds. It measures 32 by 20 by 2 inches when it is folded. It provides a total of 16 inches of seating space when the armrests are not folded. This seat comes in many colors and design patterns that you can choose from.

Oniva Picnic Time Stadium Seat vs. Other Similar Products

Other than the Ventura Stadium Seat by OnivaTM, there are many other similar products that you can easily find online and at your local stores. Among these products are models from Sportneer and Stadium Boss.

Looking at the Sportneer Portable Stadium Seat Chair, we can say that it has quite the same features as the one from OnivaTM. It also has a steel frame, a polyester cover, and an inner cotton stuffing that acts as a cushion to provide comfort during games, picnics, or any other outdoor event.

It is also equipped with a reinforced PVC underside that boasts both a water-resistant and anti-skid feature. This seat reclines into six positions and also has armrests that can be folded or unfolded depending on the requirements and preferences of the user. It is equipped with side pockets that you can use to keep your keys, wallet, and phone in.

For easy transport, the Sportneer Portable Stadium Seat Chair also has a pair of adjustable shoulder straps. You can choose from a variety of color variations including black, blue, and red. This seat measures 32.7 by 20 by 2.4 inches and weighs around 6.8 pounds.

The Stadium Boss Seat Reclining Bleacher Chair is yet another product that has the same features as the Oniva TM Stadium Seat. The padded cushion is attached to a heavy-duty steel frame and is covered by a very durable polyester that is also water-resistant.

It has a zippered storage pocket at the back as well as a cup holder on one side of the armrests. The Stadium Boss Seat Reclining Bleacher Chair is also equipped with shoulder straps that can be adjusted to allow you to carry it like a backpack.

This product weighs approximately seven pounds and has a width of 20.5 inches, a length of 32 inches, and a height of 2 inches. With armrests up, the Stadium Boss Seat Reclining Bleacher Chair provides a seating space that measures 15 inches in width.

The Verdict

After careful consideration of all the features that each of these products offers, we have concluded that the best stadium chair among the three is the Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat from OnivaTM. Although they all have quite the same features, this product offers the most spacious seating space yet is the most lightweight compared to the other two.

Additionally, it is also designed and manufactured by Picnic Time Family of Brands, which means that it is guaranteed to last for years. It also has the most color and design variations you can choose from including black, blue, lime, navy, and red.

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