What are Stadium Seats: The Types and Purposes

What are Stadium Seats The Types and Purposes
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What are stadium seats? Are these the seats in a sports stadium? Hence, the word “stadium seats?”

You will be surprised that there is more to it than the specific placement of chairs. In this article, we are going to discuss why stadium seats are so distinct from other chairs. Additionally, we are also going to list down some of the kinds of stadium seats that we use in everyday life.

What Are Stadium Seats?

These seats can usually be found in venues where performances are held. At the same time, the seats are arranged in such a way that the next row of seats will be placed higher than the previous ones. This is done as the stadium seat arrangement focuses on the view at the middle.

If seats were placed at the same level or angle, people at the back would not be able to see what is happening in the front. In addition, stadium seats are the ones to use if the type of performance, presentation, or game is best observed at an angled view.

Additionally, these seats are usually placed higher, by way of permanent stone pavements. These, in turn, can also be used as stairs. Further, there are also other attachments to make the higher seating arrangement possible. Other builders or manufacturers also use wooden boards, metal rods, and plastic planes.

Some examples of places where this type of seats is used are performance halls, theaters, sports arenas, lecture halls, etc.

In a nutshell, if you find yourself standing on an angled floor combined with chairs that are positioned following that upward angle—that is a stadium seat.

Types of Stadium Seats

Even though the purpose of having stadium seats is for the audience to be able to see the show, there are still different kinds based on specific purposes and various locations. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Seat Modules

You can view this type of stadium seat as legos because you can assemble them in whatever arrangement you like. Also, they are easy to be set aside as they can be stacked together. Moreover, these are lightweight since they are made of high-grade plastic.

These are usually used in small gyms, dance studios, and kindergartens.


Yes, you read that right. Bleachers are considered as stadium seats. You are very familiar with these because they are usually found in school gymnasiums. The material that is used is mostly wood, but there are also metal ones.

The factor that is significant to note about bleachers is that, unlike the others, they are only one straight seating area. Meaning, there is no separation of seats. At the same time, these seats are fixed to the cement or are held by metal rods.

Platform Chairs

These chairs are most commonly used in lecture halls and auditoriums. In this kind, the chairs are separated, and they also have a backrest. Moreover, they are held together by metal beams which can be covered by carpets. Some designs have small tables that come with them, so you can write in your notebook or use your laptop.

But most definitely, the design of the backrest is almost always not full. This means that the design can only go so far as being able to provide support on your upper back. Surely, these chairs are the primary culprits of why you tend to see buttcracks of other people.

Adjustable Stadium Chairs

These are the ones that you tend to see in theaters and concert halls. The seating space of each chair is quite roomy compared to the other kinds. Further, the backrest is always closed. With this design, you can easily sit back and relax.

In connection with the backrest, these are also the ones where you can lean back. The leaning aspect is, of course, just until the backrest hits the pavement of the back row. Additionally, these seats usually come with armrests.

A good thing to know, in order for you to distinguish this type from the others, is that the seats can be cushioned and they are held down permanently by cement.


The answer to the question, “What are stadium seats?” is not really that simple. Definitely, you can say that these are seats that are arranged at an upward angle, but as you have read, in relation to the types, there are certain differences that relate to a purpose.

Further, there are a lot of factors to consider in choosing a stadium seat, such as the type of function that you will hold and the people who will go there. Certainly, you will not put bleachers in a stage play theater, right?

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